Top 7 gadgets to look out for in 2014

Top 7 gadgets to look out for in 2014

There are many new innovative gadgets coming up with unique features that increase the competition and keep the consumers confused on getting the best one. Some of the best gadgets that one can lookout for in 2014 are:

Apple iPad Mini: This version of iPad was brought up as a competitor against the Amazon Kindle and Nexus 7. It has received a nice response and comes with some fantastic features. It is a high-end product and costing $300 it has been able to beat the Apple iPad.

Asus Padfone Infinity: This device tends to be a good mixture of 10.1 inch slate and an android smartphone. When it comes to the phone side of the device it has 1080p screen of 5inches, 64GB storage and 1.7GHz processor. When slotted as a HD tablet the apps are automatically configured and suit the bigger screen. It also has a good battery backup with 40 hours talk time. This device costs around $1,245.

Cubify 3D printer: The 3D printers are quickly catching up and have become a craze among the gadget enthusiasts. The new Cubify 3D printer can now be joined with the MacBook and it makes things easily accessible. One can easily load their sample 3D objects and making their own objects. People who are well aware with this gadget can expect to create their own gadgets, shoes and many other things with the thingmaker. One can get this product for $1,920.

HTC One: This is one of the best mobiles in the world at present. It had got some exceptional features and comes with a HD screen display. The gap free aluminium body of the device keeps device ahead of most of the smartphones in the Android market. It has a tapered body retina display of 468ppi with 4.7 inch HD screen. Along with the design it has also delivered well in the performance front with snapdragon quad-core processor and has been priced at $650.

Fitbit Flex: This is an interesting gadget that is more of a activity tracker rather than being a pedometer. It tracks the whole day activity of a person and can work for 24 hours in a day. It shows up the daily or the weekly activity of a person through a tally app. Priced at $125 it comes in as a handy health tracker.

LG 65LA970 Ultra HD TV: The new HD TV from LG is a nice affordable and small replacement for its predecessor. It has the similar 8-million pixel display, integrated with shiny pedestal and excellent speakers. This TV costs $8,215 and has exceptional features like apps, streaming services, 4K tellybox, NFC skills and passive 3D appearance. The audio quality has been updated and the picture quality is exceptional.

MacBook Air 11in: It has been well styled and this 11 inch model works well when it comes to performance. It has a memory of 4GB, 64GB SSD and the intel i5 processor makes it even better and its price stands at $1,300.

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